Monday, January 28, 2008


The kids decided to play beauty shop.
Mr. Will created this lovely hair do using only 20 barrettes. I am glad that Phoebe's eyebrows don't really look like this - could you imagine waxing at age 3? :] I tried really hard to be mad, but ended up laughing. Bad choice - she has already gotten into my makeup again.
Silence is not golden here!

Another Black Eye

Last week at school Phoebe was sitting with the boys on the couch when they got a little rough. One of the boys got her in the eye with his foot. She told me "Carter Quackenbush did it, but it is okay because he is my boyfriend."

Hello again

It's a new year and we have been busy with getting back into the routine.

We were sad to hear that Pres. Hinckley passed away yesterday evening. He was a wonderful leader and example.

Tom has been called as Scout Committee Chair and I am still in YW. The kids are all loving new teachers in Primary. Phoebe especially loves being a Sunbeam.