Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Billie - I'd love to write more, but I get very frustrated when my computer kicks me off the internet! It's not my fault I don't know whose connection I am using.
Anyway - we are having an Enrichment "mini group" for sewing and next week we are making aprons. Here are a few samples I made up. (Tina - the ruffle one is yours)

This one was made using a pillowcase (sham) - I don't know if I liked the way it turned out. I looked at Target, Kmart and Big Lots for a cute pillowcase - couldn't find one so I went with this sham.

Also at Big Lots I got a 3 pack of tea towels and they made perfect aprons for Phoebe. The green one has bias tape for ties and the brown has ribbon. I guess you could also make the brown one for a small adult.

This one is my favorite and I found the link for the tutorial on Tip Junkie. Here is the link:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sand Anyone?

We went to the sand dunes last weekend and the kids had a blast!

A camera comes out & she starts posing!

How can you go wrong with sand?