Saturday, October 27, 2007

Daniel - Tooth

Daniel lost his 2nd tooth today (10-27-07). Poppa wanted us to give him $10 for his first tooth - if we did that how much would molars be worth? We gave him a quarter and everyone told us we were cheap!

He keeps asking if his birthday is tomorrow - we have a few more weeks. I can't believe he will be six!


Grandma Griffith said...

I like the pictures and Grandma thinks you were a little cheap also but oh well I don't have to pay. Love ya

Austin said...

Our tooth fairy gave $10 for the first tooth and gold dollars after that. But our tooth fairy doesn't have two 5 yr olds and she already has a hard time getting to the bank to make sure there's a gold dollar in the house. Who's idea was this any way??!