Thursday, May 15, 2008


Okay I followed the instructions and I think I got the changes all made on the blog, but ...

Did I mention that I love this purse pattern? I made some for Mother's Day and a friend. Dede the pattern is pretty easy.

Only one more week of school left. The boys are doing a reading class and Akido for the month of June and Phoebe is going to preschool and PreBallet for the month. Hopefully I will survive the summer! It is really warming up here - 100 by next week.


Billie said...

Hi Tammy, I like your new blog background! Isn't it fun?
I'm excited to play next week!

dede said...

good job on the blog! it looks great! sorry that i couldn't see you while you were here! I PROMISE that i will spend extra days with you next time we are there! Good luck with "summer" - i am glad we are year round - are summer is only 3 weeks! I think i am going to try the purse - it is adorable!

Lynette said...

Your changes look great!

Carin Davis said...

the fabric choices are perfect!!!
i wish i wasn't so chicken to try it!

i am wondering what i am going to do all day...everyday this summer. i don't think swimming lessons and fun friday camps are going to cut it!