Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 1

It is day 1 of Christmas Break and I am not going to survive to day 14! The kids did sleep in until 7 am, but the fights and when they are not fighting, the noise level is insane! It started raining this afternoon, so we have a major case of cabin fever. What to do, what to do???


pam said...

I feel your pain, my kids fight too. Hopefully it stops raining, here I wish it would stop snowing.

Good luck.


carin davis said...

I have the same problem...fighting and into EVERYTHING!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

dede said...

we are on day 20 something and have been sick most of it (which makes trips to Walmart seem like fun!)! Good Luck! Merry Christmas!

rich and steph said...

You call me and send them over, silly! I have all next week off. In fact, Brandon is old enough to babysit them all and we can sneak out:) Seriously, call me and either drop them off or we will do the babysitting thing, k!