Monday, September 7, 2009

Discovery Club

Phoebe started her school too! I have been informed (by her) it is NOT preschool it is club! I made her a new skirt and as I was sewing it she informed me that she does not like purple. After it was all done and I bribed her to try it on, she decided purple is okay now. I think she just likes the way it twirls!

I found the pattern at Pine Needles in Utah. I can't wait to look for more things when I go out next week.


Anonymous said...

That skirt is ADORABLE!! I love twirly skirts! And the two layers, and all the colors -- she looks like a walking lollipop!

Lynette said...

Of course she loves the way it twirls. What girl wouldn't? That is about the only thing I miss about not having a girl--boys aren't fun to sew for.

Billie said...

Cute pictures Tammy! I have to learn how to do that! Love the skirt too. It's great to have the kids in school! I'm glad Phoebe likes her new school.

Carin said...

It is ADORABLE!!!!! My could only dream of being so lucky! :)
Are you coming to UT!?

Hezstone said... can feel the love of this skirt! Way to go mom!