Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We had fun in Utah, but are glad to be back in warmer climes!

We had a wonderful dinner last night (Pioneer Woman's Shimp and Pasta in foil) and I had the table all set with chargers, china and goblets. I even made a centerpiece with candles, tangelos and leaves. I was cooking so I asked Daniel to take some pictures. I looked through the pictures today and there is not one of the table. He took pictures of his sister, our friends that came for dinner, and the cartoon that was on TV.

On another note, what are your goals for the year? I decided I am going to help my kids learn to do more around the house to help! Our word for the year is SERVICE (to home, family and others.)


Billie said...

Sounds like a nice dinner! I love that kids take pictures of silly stuff, it's fun to look and laugh. My neice stole my sisters camera and had a picture of the toilet and then one of herself in the mirror. We laughed! We set family goals tonight in FHE, it was fun to have the kids say what they thought our goals should be. Baillie's was to keep the house clean and the others just moaned! Good luck with your "service" year! It sounds like a great idea!

rich and steph said...

I like your service idea. Our theme this year (and boy do we need it) is to remember why we love our siblings and how we can serve them. I will let you know how that goes;)

Tammy said...

Too bad he didn't get any pictures of it, I would have loved to have seen it! Kids and cameras, our daughter used ours once and took pictures of all the toilets in the house!
Great idea on having a year filled with service, we need to do more of that around here too!