Monday, April 5, 2010


Spring is here and that means baseball for this group. Tom is co-coaching the boys team again this year. So while we had a limited life with Tom's new calling, we now have no life (outside ball games!) We have 2 games a week and lucky us - 1 is on every Saturday through May. I can't complain - the boys are busy with practicing, so it somewhat keeps them out of trouble. Phoebe loves to bring snack so she can boss the other siblings around.


dede said...

I hope this season produces a picture as funny as last! Chase started t-ball yesterday and HATED it!! Hopefully there will be flowers in the field to pick on game day! Are you coming to womens conf? Love ya!

Tammy Taylor said...

Dede-I am bad and don't always have my camera when those great "picture perfect" moments happen! I don't think I am coming up this year - too many things going on at that time. Hey your blog is private now.