Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello again!

We took a few months off from blogging!

The kids are back at school. I am working and volunteering at the school. Tom is busy with work and church.

Here is a recap of our summer:

Farm living in CA. The kids had a blast living in the trailer on the farm. It was DIRTY, I think that is what they liked the best! A new calf was born (unexpected)

a filly was born (expected - but done quietly at 2 am)

we played with cousins and made 7 skirts for the girls

We came home, played more and Will was baptized.


Carin Davis said...

I've missed you!
Sounds like a fun summer!!!!
How is the new school year!?

Billie said...

I love your new blog background. I wanna hear more about your job, how's it going? Are you getting many hours? I'll email you! Maybe you can respond.
I would of loved to be at Will's baptism. What a good kid! Naughty, like all kids, but still good!! :)

Dany said...

I can't believe you made all those skirts. They are so cute.